Los usos del lapso

Los cursos psicoanalíticos de Jacques-Alain Miller

Los usos del lapso - Jacques-Alain Miller - Paidós
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It is known that the order of publication of the psychoanalytic courses of Jacques-Alain Miller is not chronological. This course, Los usos del lapso / 1999-2000), addressing the immemorial theme of time, produces a new refutation of chronological time as a principle that aspires to become a fundamental concept of psychoanalysis and its exercise. It does so by updating a logic congruent with the uses of the lapse and of what operates in the interval, in the effort of matching the time of the unconscious to a real and its exabruptos. Hence, the core that is ordering this course is the practice of the short session. This doctrinaire point, Jacques-Alain Miller followed Jacques Lacan step by step; it is known that this is a point on which Jacques Lacan did not give way and which today maintains its vegetation. It also verifies in what way and why psychoanalysis of Lacanian orientation is...read more


Book: Los usos del lapso

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