Ensayos de crítica feminista en nuestra América

Ensayos de crítica feminista en nuestra América - Breny Mendoza - Herder México
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Herder México
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The Latin American hegemonic feminism was in crisis in the nineties by the growing collusion with the neoliberal state and its political theory devoid of practice. Do not know how to respond to slights of masculinist and was left intact by the new theorists of coloniality. His thought and action not only expressed deeply colonized by the West, but they did not find a clear voice to enter into dialogue with certain currents of Latin American feminism that challenged their assumptions of gender, race, and heteronormativity. The theoretical Honduras critical Breny Mendoza, in these tests in our American feminist criticism examines the crisis of Latin American feminism while developing a deep analysis and keen observations exposed to Western feminist theories, postcolonialism, queer theory, Marxism theories of empire and decolonial new theories; exposed, in short, the principles of one or...read more

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Book: Ensayos de crítica feminista en nuestra América

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