Ensayos sobre los griegos

Ensayos sobre los griegos - Friedrich Nietzsche - Godot
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In the introduction, Gustavo Varela says of Friedrich Nietzsche: "Music, struggle, politics, the place of philosophy. Nietzsche begins his course with his feet in ancient Greece Greece is not an academic refuge but the need to open the gills of a time, his day, crossed by a currency that is deployed with momentum, making reason a unique way of deciphering the world. " In Essays on the Greeks, a less known facet Nietzsche's philosophy is presented: the four essays collected revolve around Greek culture. The music, the poetry of Homer and writing issues, are some of the themes developed in the pages of the book. Friedrich Nietzsche, author of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil, and Ecce Homo How one philosophizes with a hammer, among others, appears, in Essays on the Greeks, as a philosopher paying tribute to the power of their thoughts: the Greek civilization.


Book: Ensayos sobre los griegos

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