Entre hermenéutica y teoría crítica

Articulos 1929 - 1931

Entre hermenéutica y teoría crítica - Herbert Marcuse - Herder
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The articles published by Herbert Marcuse between 1929 and 1931, unpublished until Castilian, are a time of great originality in the twentieth century philosophy. They put into dialogue ideas from hermeneutics (Dilthey and Heidegger first) and critical thinking (Marx, Korsch and Lukacs)._x000D_
The aim of Marcuse in this original and daring company was rethinking the philosophical foundations of Marxist social theory of matrix, to restore critical reach devalued by orthodox Marxism and the various reviews dominant in his time._x000D_
The result is a contribution to social theory that anticipates important aspects of critical theory of society developed by Horkheimer and Marcuse himself in New York in the 30's. But at the same time, these texts for which he was assistant M. Heidegger in Freiburg, testify to the permanence of Heideggerian pr...read more



Book: Entre hermenéutica y teoría crítica

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