¿Es posible un mundo sin guerras?

Sobre el dolor como origen de la violencia

¿Es posible un mundo sin guerras? - Arno  Gruen - Herder
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Is a world without war? Arno Gruen thinks so and presents the thesis is this luminous book, illustrated with examples and cases from his experience as a psychoanalyst: there is no evil in human nature, but that violence is the result of a culture whose socialization engenders self-betrayal, hatred and war ... The best response to violence, Gruen proposed is to restore the goodness that naturally have children and protect against external impositions of authority and social modes. This book encourages us to develop our own individuality and restore confidence in a compassionate and caring world is possible. If we cling to the goodness that resides in man, says the author, and understand that we are all connected, which depend on each other, violence unthinkable.


Book: ¿Es posible un mundo sin guerras?

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