Escritoras: relatos de mujeres

Escritoras: relatos de mujeres - Virginia Woolf - Olañeta
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Virginia Woolf draws in this book with her characteristic expressiveness and irony the lives of these singular writers, hidden behind the conventionalisms of her time, in a beautiful panorama that lends them new life.

Virginia Woolf (London, 1882 – Sussex, 1941), born Adeline Virginia Stephen, was one of the main members of the famous Bloomsbury literary group. Jumo with her husband, Leonard Woolf, founded the publishing house Hogarth Press, where they published relevant figures such as Sigmund Freud, Katherine Mansfield, Julian Bell and T. S. Eliot, among others. She is appreciated as one of the most original representatives of 20th century literary modernism, with novels, short stories and essays, including Mrs. Dalloway, Al Faro, Orlando, Las Olas and the classic feminist essay A Room of Her Own. In his personal life he suffered episodes of profound depressions. He more


Book: Escritoras: relatos de mujeres

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