Escritos sobre Foucault

Escritos sobre Foucault - Miguel Morey - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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When Miguel Morey Reading Foucault published more than three decades, there intended to carry out a comprehensive review of all Foucault's thought. Then came new materials, both in life Foucault as the posthumous discovery of a huge archive, which left Morey face a daunting task of updating their thinking. Foucault collected writings on much of what has been said, written and thought about Foucault Morey over three decades, with a significant difference from Reading Foucault, the volume that somehow completes and complements the appearance of this another. If this was to suggest a timely and schematically a reading that could delve the reader into the building complex conceptual Foucault in the first case, here Morey addresses and interpret various aspects that have to do both with the work of Foucault as receipt, impact, critical and controversial. So Morey wondered about their more


Book: Escritos sobre Foucault

ISBN: 9788415601623