Eso - Inger Christensen - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Few poems in the history of literature have had the repercussion of That at the time of its publication, which occurred in Denmark in 1969. His verses soon appeared on the walls of various cities as a form of political protest. The rulers, for their part, quoted them in their speeches. The university critics and the general public agreed to acclaim it. The rock music groups appropriated it, and the songs from their pages became great successes. Some fragments of the poem were so famous that they became expressions of colloquial use. That, as if it returned to the origin of the poetry and of all western tradition, is a poem of the creation; Is a cosmogony that, as it arises, creates the world; Is a hymn that celebrates all things that exist on the earth; Is a poetic treatise on the origin of language and being; Is a reflection on the very substance of which reality is forged, and on more



Book: Eso

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