Ética de las nanotecnologías

Ética de las nanotecnologías - Pere Ruiz Trujillo - Herder
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What is really new in nanotechnology? How does this possible novelty affect the different areas of human life? What challenges does it pose for humanity? Can these challenges be addressed through the classic tools of ethical reflection? This book tries to answer these questions.

Nanotechnology ethics reflects on these issues to get to the very foundations of the nanotechnology phenomenon that, in fact, are closely related to the human condition itself.

The so-called convergent technologies, of which nanotechnologies are an essential part, enable, among other things, a hyper-connected world that turns our societies into increasingly heterogeneous and plural realities. In this context and with the claim of universality of certain moral and democratic values, applied ethics is presented as an adequate way to address the ethical challenges posed by new technologies. This boo...read more


Book: Ética de las nanotecnologías

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