Ética demostrada según el orden geométrico

Ética demostrada según el orden geométrico - Baruj Spinoza - Tecnos
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Spinoza died in January 1677. In November of that same year his Ethics came to light, included in a posthumous works package financed by his friends. The next, 1678, that work was already condemned by the Dutch government. It took more than a century for Spinoza's rescue of thought to break out, initiated by the deepest vein of German Enlightenment and Goethe's romantic neopaganism and continued by German philosophical romanticism and absolute idealism. That rescue marks a stellar moment in contemporary thought. (From the Presentation by M. Garrido)

Ethics is much more than the definition of metaphysical frameworks in alliance with a method. In Ethics there is much more. For example, there is a strange relationship between its title and its content, and not only because this "ethics" is largely metaphysical, doctrine of knowledge, general speculative physics and psychology, but...read more


Book: Ética demostrada según el orden geométrico

ISBN: 9788430945429