Exégesis de una leyenda. Lecturas de Kafka

Exégesis de una leyenda. Lecturas de Kafka - Stéphane Mosès - Ediciones del subsuelo
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Ediciones del subsuelo
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A book about Kafka? Few works of the twentieth century have been mentioned as yours. The enigmatic tone of their stories has always motivated readers interest in seeking the meaning that lay behind their texts, from a theological vision until reading an existentialist, through psychological or psychoanalytic interpretations. So why add another stone to a mountain of comments? Precisely because Kafka's writings do not need new interpretations, but a rigorous analysis of its underlying logic.

In the four short essays of "The Silence of the Sirens", "Metamorphosis", "nearest town" and "Before the law" Stephane Moses, with his brilliant erudition, analyzes and reveals the complexity of the structure of the writings the Prague author.

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"It's the last gift Stephane Moses left us a few months before disappearing: a meditation as he liked about Kafka...read more


Book: Exégesis de una leyenda. Lecturas de Kafka

ISBN: 9788493942625