Ediciones del subsuelo

Edit in troubled times is in itself a chance. But also, and that's the most satisfying, is a double challenge: to the editor, is proposed, with all due caution, be a more modest Virgil-a-hell that has become modernity, and the reader , which is invited to exercise their right to build a critical judgment of reality.

Basement editions born with literary vocation in two of its aspects, the essay and narrative; in both, the word so abused in recent times-acquires its maximum dimension as defining content and spokesman of the confusing, contradictory background of the desire to be by and for the world; one and the other will have carefully selected works among those whose independent judgment, creative audacity and connection with reality best meet our purpose.

Basement editions begins a journey that we hope will be long and happy. He invite readers; we go together like th...read more