Gafas de ciego

Gafas de ciego - Xavier Franquesa - Ediciones del subsuelo
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Ediciones del subsuelo
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Rustic with flaps

In a city that could well be New York, and various situations in which the imagination takes hold of reality occur, are but two women, Karen and Yvonne, and Eduardo, a mature art teacher also desencuentran. From this triangle, the author asked about the emotions and their effects on relationships among human beings.
Yvonne tries to remember where you forgotten the keys of your apartment, three dogs give their owners hasty lessons on morality and sexuality; Eduardo comes and goes before you go to your regular appointment with the works of art of the museum; Karen ranges featuring Yvonne and rhetoric of Eduardo. Leaving aside any semblance of real time, Franquesa unfolds the events of that day so that the reader will end up having the certainty that nothing has happened. Or maybe it happened elsewhere?
With casual but not without precision pen Franquesa draws a caricature more


Book: Gafas de ciego

ISBN: 9788493942670