Aprender hipnosis 

Aumento del rendimiento y superación del estrés por medio de la

Aprender hipnosis  - Dirk Revenstorf - Herder
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Written in a clear and concise style, this book provides basic information on the subject of hypnosis and hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Through a summary analysis of the situation, the reader can assess their own skills, identify personal goals for their training and learn the principles of coping with stress through hypnosis. In a series of exercises of proven strategies used trance to activate personal resources, past experiences and plan to develop future success. They are complemented by some stories and metaphors used in hypnotic therapy that invite a pleasant and relaxed reading. This book is used in the training of hypnotherapists and as adjunct therapy. It also gives the layman the possibility of approaching self-hypnosis. "A book that can help them rediscover the ancient wisdom and timeless art of living." Megaphon (bimonthly magazine of the Society Milton Erickson, Psy...read more


Book: Aprender hipnosis 

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