Familia y psicosis

Familia y psicosis - Jorge L. Tizón - Herder
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In Family and Psychosis, Jorge Tizón addresses the difficulties, conflicts and sufferings that relatives and relatives of individuals suffering from some form of psychosis face. His starting point is the updated and comprehensive perspective he presented in his previous book Understanding psychosis. In this volume we try to take advantage of the experiences and experiences of the relatives and the subjects themselves, in addition to current scientific knowledge, so that the family can actively participate not only in the care and "custody" of their relative, but in their Recovery and readaptation to social life. In this sense, concrete strategies and actions are proposed for daily life, for acute and "sub-acute" situations, for the organization of the home, for modulation of family and affective relationships, and for focusing the future on families in That there is a patient diagnose...read more


Book: Familia y psicosis

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