Narración del encuentro con el pensamiento de Guattari, cartografía visionaria del tiempo que viene

Félix - Franco Berardi Bifo - Cactus
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Franco Berardi Bifo runs the thought of Felix Guattari (from Psychoanalysis and crosscutting to chaosmosis, including his work with Deleuze) within the theoretical elaborations and political-existential practice of the generation of 68, 77; and also Seatlle. But not only, the list could go on, here and there, Genoa until today.
But the book would never end because the bifocal says rhizomatic thinking is mapping regions to come, and therefore the regions in which this proliferates do not stop unfold before my eyes. Like on a trip.
Thus, Bifo transits the field of philosophy to politics and psychoanalysis, biotechnology to ciberpensamiento; revisits the names of philosophy, Bergson, Nietzsche, Spinoza; and, of course, friends after meeting with Deleuze Guattari is always imminent.
But here Bifo handles underline an essential philosophical question, often circumvented: ...read more



Book: Félix

ISBN: 9789872922412