Freud y los chilenos

Freud y los chilenos - Mariano Ruperthuz Honorato - Pólvora Editorial
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Pólvora Editorial
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Freud and the Chileans. A Transnational Journey (1910-1949)" is a book by Mariano Ruperthuz Honorato, edited by Pólvora Editorial (2015) that seeks to reconstruct the arrival of psychoanalysis on national lands, managing to visualize the impact on how Chileans began to "understand themselves" using Freudian concepts and terminologies. This work recovers the arrival of Freud's ideas in the field of medicine (psychiatry and social medicine), criminology and so-called "mass culture" in Chile. The publication of this book renews the local landscape on the history of psychoanalysis since the commitment of this work is to link it with the social, political and economic conditions that enveloped and shaped the way Freud was read in the first five decades of the twentieth century in our country.

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Book: Freud y los chilenos

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