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Goya was not only one of the most important artists of his time. He was also a man committed to his time and a lucid observer of how great and miserable the human condition is. Son of the Enlightenment, Goya was the privileged witness of historical events of the first order, such as the entry into the Peninsula of the Napoleon's armies, which were going to bring to Spain, as many thought, progress and the ideas of enlightenment. However, in the face of what happened, Goya was asked many questions: Can good be imposed by force? Is it possible to control violence with reason? What path is left open when all promises have been betrayed? Questions that continue to be asked today and to which Goya tried to answer through his painting. Todorov analyzes in this book the thinker Goya, the inquirer of the dark powers that, in parallel with will and reason, dominate the lives of men. And he dis...read more

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Book: Goya

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