Gramática inglesa

the english grammar in a nutshell

Gramática inglesa - Haim  Diamant - Herder
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This book will help refurbish reminder or to discover the English language quickly and easily. The essential English 10 tablets, 13 and 20 batteries useful rules of exercises and their solutions The purpose of this volume is to help students and, in general, to all who wish to increase their knowledge of English, either spoken or written. Standard does not replace the study of English grammar, but on the contrary, may be used to cool the subjects already studied by the reader in the past. You studied English in school, but now finds it difficult to read and write. This grammar will allow you to refresh your English in a very short time (a few weeks), and help you do it yourself. You no longer have time for an advanced course in English. This compendium provides turnkey solutions to common difficulties in the study of English. But if you are beginning to study English, this book will more



Book: Gramática inglesa

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