Guía de la música de cámara

Guía de la música de cámara - François René Tranchefort - Alianza editorial
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This Guide to Chamber Music gathers 182 composers alphabetically, with a wide variety of analyzes enriched by numerous details on the forms and "styles", the circumstances of the composition, the dates and places of the premieres, as well as the duration Of the most important works. The field explored by this Guide ?? carried out under the direction of François-René Tranchefort ?? Is that of chamber music, that is, works written for ensembles whose workforce does not exceed ten instruments and presents at least two. Conceived as an "active listening guide," its purpose is to help the listener "follow" the work in its development and to understand its general organization, as well as its elementary structures. The Spanish edition ?? translation and adaptation ?? Is the work of José Luis García del Busto, who in addition to revising or enriching some of the voices corresponding to the more

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Book: Guía de la música de cámara

ISBN: 9788420651224