Guión argumental. Guión documental

Guión argumental. Guión documental - Simón Feldman - Gedisa
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What you are the script ?: This is a question that seems simple: it is a text in a book, which serves as an initial document for the filming of a movie or recording a television program. But all this, which is sufficient for a finding of a general nature, is complicated when the specific task facing. At that point it is noted that this overview hides a complex and difficult world, stumbling, difficulties and questions that deepen as the work progresses.These difficulties have been recorded by many schools of film and television. Again and again one hears their managers, their teachers and their students as teaching-and learning-deficil is performing scripts.A script is the description, as detailed as possible, of the work to be performed. It can be good, bad or indifferent, but not the work itself.This book porpone analysis and specific patterns of learning technique


Book: Guión argumental. Guión documental

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