Hacerlo Explícito

Razonamiento, representación y compromiso discursivo, (Tapa Dura)

Hacerlo Explícito - Robert  Brandom - Herder
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Tapa Dura

¿What capacity should have a chimpanzee or a computer so that we can consider them as our own knowledge? After many years of research, philosophers have concluded that the language is what distinguishes us as rational and logical creatures. Doing explicit is an investigation into the nature of language from a focus on inference and certain judgments ela implicit become explicit in language. This work constitutes the first attempt to develop a theory to explain how semantic content can be attributed to expressions and attitudes when they are captured adequately in sociales.a practices.

Making it explicit has earned a reputation as the greatest contribution to the philosophy of language"Rowland Stout, Times Literary

Making it explicit is a reference analytic philosophy comparable to what A Theory of Justice, John Rawls, meant for the practical philosophy of the seventies. ...read more



Book: Hacerlo Explícito

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