Hidalgos, amotinados y guerrilleros

Pueblos y poderes en la historia de España

Hidalgos, amotinados y guerrilleros - Pierre Vilar - Critica
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Gentlemen , and guerrilla rebels brings together some of the best studies that the great French historian Pierre Vilar has devoted to topics of Spanish history, grouped into four sections corresponding to four different historical periods .

The first , the " time gentlemen " offers a penetrating analysis dela Spain of Philip II.

The second , the "time dela illustration " , studies the social structures dela eighteenth-century Spain , the crisis of the mutiny of Squillace and mentalities of the time.

The third, the "time of independence," takes us to the time dela dela Independence War and "the occupants problem - occupied homeland and nation ." The fourth , finally , the "time of nationalities " addresses one of the central themes of research Vilar, which remains one of the major problems today dela Spain . an outline of the Spanish structures in the long term and...read more

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Book: Hidalgos, amotinados y guerrilleros

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