Historia de la Literatura Griega II

De Platón a la época imperial

Historia de la Literatura Griega II - Albin Lesky - Gredos
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Translated into a multitude of languages ​​and often reprinted, the History of Greek literature by Albin Lesky (1896-1981) marked from its original publication a landmark in the study of antiquity. In an exemplary exercise of synthesis, this work proposes a tour of the main keys of Greek literature, whose maturity and perfection are already appreciated in its origins. From the monumental Homeric epic to the imperial epoch, Lesky successively sketches the movements, authors, and masterpieces in literature that has largely shaped Western letters and thought. Genres such as epic, tragedy, history, lyric or scientific literature, and figures such as Herodotus, Sophocles or Plutarch thus become the object of lucid reflections and the author's accurate assertions in his treatment. Its approach, accessible but not unrelated to the problem of scientific research, and its easy handling make it...read more


Book: Historia de la Literatura Griega II

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