Historia de la teología cristiana. Tomo II.

Prereforma, Reformas, Contrarreforma

Historia de la teología cristiana. Tomo II. - Evangelista  Vilanova - Herder
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This book is the second volume of an ambitious one, the unique appeared so far in Spain, which aims to provide a historical overview of the evolution of Christian theological thought, the comienzaos Zeta today._x000D_
The first volume of this History of Christian theology understands the newspaper that goes from the origins to the fifteenth century. the second volume examines a much shorter period (the XV, XVI and XVII) but high intensity, because it includes historical phenomena of the pre-reform, Protestant and Catholic Reform and Counter. Both the author of the work as his assistant, Fr Lluís Duch, who is responsible for everything related to Protestant Reformation, they get to perform what-in the words of the distinguished Jesuit historian Miguel Batllori, auro the foreword of the volume - can be described as an "ecumenical theology, history, written with ob...read more


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Book: Historia de la teología cristiana. Tomo II.

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