Historia de Roma/Vol. 2/Libro III

Desde la reunión de Italia hasta la sumisión de Cártago y de Grecia

Historia de Roma/Vol. 2/Libro III - Theodor Mommsen - Turner
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The Punic Wars open this second volume, which describes the unstoppable advance of Roman domination to the natural frontiers of Italy, first, and then much further, from the union of the Italic States to the submission of Carthage and Greece . Mommsen is not limited to the chronological narration of military events: its objective is the systematic reconstruction of Roman civilization, both the explanation of its formidable territorial expansion and also the analysis of relations between rulers and the governed, the characteristics of the economic system of Romans, beliefs and customs, literature and art. When Theodor Mommsen's History of Rome was published for the first time in 1856, it had a remarkable impact. His style of modern and fluid writing, the literary strength of his descriptions and the controversial nature of many of his judgments about Roman political figures surprised a...read more

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Book: Historia de Roma/Vol. 2/Libro III

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