Hombres del ocaso

Hombres del ocaso - Anthony Powell - Fiordo
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"One of the most significant novels of his time," according to Jocelyn Brooke, Men sunset, Anthony Powell regarded by Evelyn Waugh and Kingsley Amis as one of the best British writers of the twentieth century is the first novel by the author of the amazing saga a dance to the music of time, his masterpiece.
Set in England in the 30s, Men sunset portrays the evolution of a group of young artists dissatisfied with their lot in life. These afternoon men, a British euphemism for "drunk" is the lovesick Atwater, whose imprecise work in an archeology museum has thoughtfully. His good friend Pringle, melancholic and mediocre painter abandoned by his wife, and son of a suicidal father. Lola, the awkward girl reading Bertrand Russell to feel useful. Susan maverick, which falls in love Atwater. Harriet beautiful, merciless and playful, well known to all, though ineffable. Barlow, the reno...read more


Book: Hombres del ocaso

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