Imaginar otas vidas

Realidades, proyectos y deseos

Imaginar otas vidas - Remo Bodei - Herder
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Our natural life is constantly intermingled with other lives: narrated, imagined, invented. Today more than ever, in a society populated with models with which to identify, the illusion of an autonomous self becomes even more uncertain and derives from a subject that must constantly reinvent itself. When we feel that our life has become narrow, that we are not enough with what we are, we use the imagination as an antidote and guide. Thanks to the imagination, we can challenge the non-elected conditioners and project existence beyond its confines; We can live other lives, which feed not only the encounter with other people and real situations, but also of figures and models from literary texts and the media. Since the models with which to identify themselves have expanded, populated with celebrities, the construction of an autonomous self has become more uncertain. In this context, more


Book: Imaginar otas vidas

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