Biblia y Corán 

Lo que los une, lo que los separa

Biblia y Corán  - Joachim  Gnilka - Herder
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Prejudice, ignorance and fear marked with his seal the current political debate about Islam make it more necessary than ever to try and contact between cultures. Joachim Gnilka provides an invaluable contribution to this task. Analyze the elements together and that separate the Bible and the Koran in the image of God and of man, Muhammad and Jesus, incorporating the comparison of the historical background of the mutual perception of both religions. Both the themes of revelation and faith as those relating to ethics and morals, death and resurrection, and other theological issues, Gnilka enables a clear understanding of the similarities and differences and promotes this confrontation so clear and objectively beyond mere conjecture and illusions, Christianity and Islam. Interest religious scholars, theologians, readers interested in both religions, intercultural and interreligious more

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Book: Biblia y Corán 

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