Imagine... NO COPYRIGHT - Joost Smiers - Gedisa
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The copyright grants to cultural and abusive corporations absolute control over the use and distribution of an increasing number of artistic representations which translates into huge economic benefits: unilaterally decide what we see, hear or read and in what environment do determining not only our aesthetic sensibilities, but our conception of reality. Joost Smiers author of the controversial A world without copyright (Gedisa, 2006) - and Marieke van Schijndel argue that it is possible to configure a level playing conditions -that say a no copyright without mastering a limited number of cultural corporations market - a new paradigm in which they can thrive multiple free forms of artistic expression without jeopardizing the right of everyone to earn a living and health of our democracies. The claim that both the creators and the public domain will greatly benefit from the abolition more


Book: Imagine... NO COPYRIGHT

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