La otra esclavitud

Historia oculta del esclavismo indígena

La otra esclavitud - Andrés Reséndez - Grano de sal
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Grano de sal

The slaves in America seem to have only one face: that of the Africans turned into merchandise, kidnapped from their place of origin and brutally forced to work in the New World. But to that atrocious history we must add the subjugation that was imposed on the indigenous peoples of the Americas, exercised both in pre-Hispanic times and during the colonial period, with denominations that made it digestible, as encomiendas or repartimientos. To that other slavery Andrés Reséndez dedicates this pioneering volume, without a doubt the most complete on this extreme form of labor and social violence. The reader will travel from the Caribbean to the southwest of the current United States, passing through Mesoamerica and through that harsh region inhabited by nomadic and warrior peoples, and in that journey the local characteristics will be revealed - following the macabre formula with which more


Book: La otra esclavitud

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