Teodosio - Hartmut  Leppin - Herder
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Does the Christian God, served as hegemonic in the fourth century, born of an emperor in Constantinople and settled Hipania to affirm the true faith known world Trinity? Or was the emperor Segovia who, from the eastern end of the empire, used the only faith in one Triune God to strengthen the unity of his empire, after the example of his predecessor Constantine?_x000D_

This biography of Emperor Theodosius is also and above all, a vast tapestry that stirs the excitement of the Roman Empire in the last third of the fourth century AD. Oversized characters scattered around the Mediterranean of which, under the knife impassive historian-one can delimit the extent to which heroes and saints were mere usurpers or and strategists: bishops such as Ambrose of Milan, Damasus of Rome, Cyril of Jerusalem, Demófilo and Nektarios of Constantinople, Petros of Alexandria, Gregory of Nazianzus, ...read more


Book: Teodosio

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