Immanuel kant

La otra h Filosofía ilustrada

Immanuel kant - Heiner F. Klemme - Herder
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Author: Heiner F.Klemme
Illustrator: Ansgar Lorenz
Translation: Almudena Otero Villena

An illustrated introduction to the figure and thought of Immanuel Kant, representative of criticism, precursor of German idealism and considered one of the most influential thinkers of universal philosophy.

How would we talk about philosophy today if there had not been a Kant? In order to know the capacities of the human conscience that make the experience possible, Immanuel Kant proposed a complete revolution in the world of thought: we must change our way of thinking in order to define with precision the extension and limits of our knowledge. The philosophy of good and of evil, freedom and nature, politics and law, the beautiful and the sublime, the origin of the universe ... the present work offers all the information to understand these and other themes of Kant's more


Book: Immanuel kant

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