Introducción a la hermenéutica filosófica 

Introducción a la hermenéutica filosófica  - Jean  Grondin - Herder
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Hermeneutics has a long history which can still learn a lot. At the beginning stands the Aristotelian treatise of the same name, which deals with, basically, the logic of the sentence. The way the modern use the term "hermeneutics" refers generally to special disciplines. Thus, we find a legal and theological hermeneutics and, ultimately, the old word "hermeneutics" has the connotation of the universal sense of translation. But true universality could only be associated with this concept when metaphysics was approached its end and its claim to monopoly against modern science was restricted. Wilhelm Dilthey was especially who took an important step in this direction with his descriptive psychology. But only when Dilthey and his school came to have a greater influence on the movement, was not merely understand and next to the understanding and clarify and, in general, was not limited more


Book: Introducción a la hermenéutica filosófica 

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