Inventar el futuro

Poscapitalismo y un mundo sin trabajo

Inventar el futuro -  AA.VV. - Malpaso
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Neoliberalism is not working. Neoliberal economic policies have dragged millions of people into poverty and many others into precarious and poorly paid jobs. Meanwhile, the left remains trapped in a series of practices that rarely offer a respite, let alone a solution to the crisis. This book finally proposes an alternative. 'Inventing the Future' is a bold manifesto about life after capitalism. Srnicek and Williams -authors of the famous 'Accelerationist Manifesto'- demonstrate that another world is possible. Opposed to leftist ideologues who irrationally fear technological advances, they demand an economy in which technology frees us from work and expands our freedoms.

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Book: Inventar el futuro

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