Juliano  - Klaus  Bringmann - Herder
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No Roman emperor has left so many testimonies of himself as Julian and almost none has generated among his contemporaries and posterity as disparate and conflicting reactions, from enthusiastic praise to the total rejection and condemnation, as this ruler, whose reign as sovereign barely lasted only twenty months. With this book, the author attempts to outline, data from well-documented biography of Julian, a picture of your personality and linked with the history of his time, which was one of the axial periods in world history. In this biography are the names of many people who influenced the life of Julian or crossed his path: his parents and family, his teachers, friends and supporters, opponents and enemies. All of the sources tesimonios transmitesn information on these people are in the first volume of the monumental Prosopography of the Roman Empire, edited by A. H. M. Jones, J....read more


Book: Juliano 

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