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Published in 1922, Julius Jurenito is a philosophical and scathing satire of European civilization. Written in less than a month, "as if someone take my hand while writing" his protagonist is a Mexican born in the talks with the fabulous painter Rivera. Jurenito travels Europe from 1910 to 1920 in the company of a troupe of disciples in representing different stereotypes, from the capitalist Mr. Cool until an idolater Africa, through an Italian tramp and the same Jewish-Russian Ehrenburg.

"In Jurenito I stigmatize all sorts of racism and nationalism, I denounced the war, cruelty, greed and hypocrisy of the men who led and do not want to give it up, the hypocrisy of the clergy who blessed the arms of pacifists arguing procedures humans for the annihilation of the pseudo-socialists justifying the horrific bloodshed. (...) If you hate racism and fascism, if I find the strength to ...read more



Book: Julio Jurenito

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