La agonía del Eros

La agonía del Eros - Byung-Chul Han - Herder
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The neoliberal proclamation of freedom manifests itself in reality as a paradoxical imperative: be free. Master an economy of survival in which each one is their own entrepreneur. Neoliberalism, with its uninhibited narcissistic impulses of self and performance, is the hell of the same, a society of depression and fatigue composed of isolated subjects. Walls and borders no longer excite fantasy, because they do not engender the other. Since Eros addresses this other, capitalism eliminates otherness to subject everything to consumption: exposure as a commodity intensifies the pornographic, as it knows no other use of sexuality. The erotic experience thus disappears. The current crisis of art, and also of literature, can be attributed to this disappearance of the other, to the agony of Eros.


Book: La agonía del Eros

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