La anomalía salvaje

La anomalía salvaje - Antonio Negri - Waldhuter
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Tapa Blanda

Spinoza is the anomaly. If Spinoza, atheist and cursed, does not end his days in jail or at the stake, unlike what happens to other revolutionary innovators between the 16th and 17th centuries, this is only indicative of the fact that his metaphysics represents polarity Effective of a correlation of antagonistic forces, already consolidated: in the seventeenth-century Holland the development of the relations of production and of the productive forces experiences the tendency of a future of antagonisms. In this context, Spinoza's materialist metaphysics is, then, the powerful anomaly of the seventeenth century: not a marginal and defeated anomaly, but rather the anomaly of triumphant materialism, of the advancing being and that, constituting itself, raises the ideal possibility of Revolutionize the world.


Book: La anomalía salvaje

ISBN: 9789872754082