About us? Vain question if there are. Caterpillar with his pipe full of opium looking at Alice from head to toe, from head to foot. We could not assure you that what we are today we will continue to be tomorrow. But yes, in a rather long period of time, we will be waiting for your visit. You are cordially invited to our bookstore, and kindly to our lives. Where we are? That is easy. Cartography never got along well with essences. Notice. A little below. Yes, we do not pretend that you guess. It is not an enigma either. Below you will find a map, it will reveal to you that the Odyssey begins once you enter our premises. We're not going to promise you mermaids, although we do have them. But a return to the origin that never leaves. Because everything, including us, you, this, started with a word. Ithaca is a word. In it, worlds unfold. And our library, our distributor, covers them. Oh, ...read more