Conceptos fundamentales de la filosofia antigua

Conceptos fundamentales de la filosofia antigua - Martin Heidegger - Waldhuter
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Tapa Blanda

Despite its sketchy nature, the Marburg course of the summer semester of 1926 can be considered an attempt by Heidegger, in the conception phase of Being and Time, to philosophically traverse the history of Greek philosophy to Aristotle. It repeats the decisive beginning of Western philosophy as the process of discovering being from the entity that is configured in an increasingly rich and differentiated way, because only in this way could current philosophy appropriately take control of the possibilities contained in it. its asking. In the First Section, the course deals with the treatment that Aristotle does in the first book of the Metaphysics of Greek philosophy that precedes it. The Second Section of the course, which begins with Thales and deals with significant thinkers and currents of thought, deals with important stages of Greek philosophy. Heidegger sees an upward movement more


Book: Conceptos fundamentales de la filosofia antigua

ISBN: 9789872754051