La Corrupción en México

Retos y oportunidades de los Sistemas Anticorrupción

La Corrupción en México -  AA.VV. - Gedisa
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During the XXI CENTURY we have witnessed an exponential growth of corruption worldwide and in Mexico, particularly. Although it is more precise to point out that what has been experienced during the last 20 years is a considerable increase in the perception of corruption. Information and communication technologies (ICT) have allowed public opinion to follow more closely the actions of governments, public servants, politicians and other actors involved in the economic and business spheres, largely thanks to journalistic work, declassification of documents and leaking of information. Mexico has been structurally affected by corruption, which has manifested itself in the poor performance of the country in the different international indices and reports, as well as in the scandals of politicians and officials of all levels of government. But there has also been a boom in the study, more


Book: La Corrupción en México

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