La economía de la sociedad

La economía de la sociedad - Niklas  Luhmann - Herder México
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Herder México
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All economic action is social action, so the whole economy is always also the realization of society. This is why we treat the economy as a partial system of society, and this is what the title The Economy of Society must announce.
With this starting point one obtains the advantage of attending to the most recent developments in the general theory of systems and being able to use them to expose the economy of society. Both society and economy are understood as social systems, and the relationship between them lies in a systemic differentiation theory that includes both the differentiation and the reiteration of system building in systems.
The economy of society, this expression reflects well the fact that with an analysis of the economy we can learn something about society, and even more: that with an analysis of the monetary economy we learn something from modern more

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