La familia en la ópera

Metáforas líricas para problemas relacionales

La familia en la ópera - Juan Luis Linares - Gedisa
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The opera is not just a show, but also a meeting place where the most intense human passions are recognized. This book offers an approach to them through the testimony of specialists in family relationships and their interpretations of classic operas such as Madame Butterfly, Rigoletto, Il Trovatore, La Traviata, Turandot, Carmen and Don Giovanni, among others. The vision offered by the authors emphasizes the psychological dimension. From their perspective, Rigoletto is not only an outraged by narci-sista also an outrage inflicted on his daughter, but prioritizing their own needs, drag the destruction father. The book is accompanied by a transcript of fragments of these operas, mostly in bilingual version, which allow simultaneous reading with the corresponding viewing and enjoyment of music. In short, an incitement to abandon the pleasure of listening to good music and explore the more


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Book: La familia en la ópera

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