La imaginación sonora

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La imaginación sonora - Eugenio Trías - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Galaxia Gutenberg
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The sound imagination begins at the dawn of western Europe and ends at the time when it begins to lose its indisputable hegemony in the framework of a new world (planetary, global, ecumenical). From the origins of musical writing and contrapuntal polyphony, and the end of this western adventure towards global ecumenical, planetary latitudes, with figures as enigmatic as Giacinto Scelsi, this book traces a musical arc of approximately a millennium: Orlando di Lasso, Palestrina, JS Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, Bruckner, Mahler or Schönberg. "As in The Song of the Mermaids," says Eugenio Trías, "philosophy is always present throughout the book. And in particular it is my own philosophy, the philosophical proposal that I have been developing for years. But it intervenes in the manner of the Wagnerian orchestra: invisibly (although omnipresent). »


Book: La imaginación sonora

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