La Muerte sin máscara

Experiencia del morir y educación para la despedida

La Muerte sin máscara - Raffaele  Mantegazza - Herder
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In a world dominated by technology and capital, death, one insurmountable limitation of man, is silenced. Having failed to cure men of death, misery, ignorance, have decided to live happily, not thinking about it. These are the words of Pascal, perhaps, better frame the situation in which we live. The medicine also silent before his terrible and invincible enemy, and has avoided pedagogy often stretch the lead to talk of death. Within the framework of a contemporary anthropology of death, this book aims to lead the healthy agitation that suggests, to believe about death can build an educational tour with the sole aim of making us feel, here and now - less tired, less desperate, less alone.



Book: La Muerte sin máscara

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