La Muerte

Ensayo sobre la finitud

La Muerte - Francoise Dastur - Herder
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The man knows that he must die, and usually do agree that consciousness of his own mortality one of the essential characteristics of humanity, along with language, thought and laughter. But metaphysics, every human culture has been proposed as a program to conquer death. And Western philosophy, from Plato to Hegel, said in turn that is in the very exercise of thinking how death and finitude are overcome.

In this book, the author intends to analyze these attempts metaphysical, religious and philosophical approach of something beyond death, to show that you can then maintain a relationship with death that is neither "familiar with it" as Montaigne says, not dodge. Based on the analysis of being-towards-death that Heidegger suggests, tries to show that there is another discourse on death, whose condition of possibility requires an assumption free of the finitude of human more

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Book: La Muerte

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