La naturaleza de los sueños

Cerebro, mente y cultura

La naturaleza de los sueños -  AA.VV. - Herder México
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The present work is dedicated to the theme of the dream from three areas of knowledge: the biological, the psychological and the social. The style of the texts is formally and academically rigorous, but the models, theories and scientific results are presented in a clear and accessible way. In this way, the elements and technical terms are explained in detail in the body of the text or in footnotes and figures.

The nature of the dreams opens the curtain with the introductory studies of José Luis Díaz Gómez and Enrique Soto Eguibar, to give place to the trials of the biological area. In this first part, the book has texts by María Corsi-Cabrera, Lourdes Cubero Rego, Fructuoso Ayala-Guerrero, Rodolfo Cebreros Paniagua, Anabel Jiménez-Anguiano, Óscar Prospero García and Markus F. Müller, among others. Later, in the second part, the studies of Alejandra Rosales-Lagarde, Rafael J. more



Book: La naturaleza de los sueños

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