La nostalgia es un sello ardiente

La nostalgia es un sello ardiente - Natalia Litvinova - Llantén
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"These poems seek a lost friend, a friend who remained in the distant land of another time and another country and in the search they grope, hard and delicate, armored but soft, that tense distance that is sometimes melancholy and sometimes it is suspicion, rejection. "The friends / we absorb / the water / of each one / like two dahlias / planted nearby" say these poems, while they let us spy on that correspondence with what is missing, that phantasmagoric companionship that reviews life in common and life afterwards , the life in the loneliness of someone who misses and misses each other, a mirror friend, an accomplice friend who completes and makes a difference, Catalina becomes the hole to whom to entrust her mother, her wishes and dreams, the idea of a child, the daily passing. At times, the question that is whispered is: what would have happened if?, But underneath, meanwhile, more

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Book: La nostalgia es un sello ardiente

ISBN: 9789878639819