La sociedad de la externalización

La sociedad de la externalización - Stephan Lessenich - Herder
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Having everything and wanting even more, preserving one's own well-being at the expense of denying it to others: this is the maxim of developed societies, even if they try to hide in the public sphere. This work presents a rigorous and scathing analysis of dependency and exploitation relationships in the globalized world.

The West systematically outsources the negative effects generated in pursuit of our way of life on the poorest countries in other regions of the world. Unlike the ideal we would like to believe, if we are doing well, it is because we systematically displace many of the problems generated by our lifestyle over the most disadvantaged.

In the face of the powerful forces that want to obviate or hide the background and side effects of capitalism, it is necessary to assume and increase individual and collective responsibility with others to end poverty and more



Book: La sociedad de la externalización

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